This page is dedicated to the SRB cow and the SRB breed , i.e. the “Swedish Red Breed” or if you prefer: the “Scandinavian Red Breed”. 

Whether we prefer to call it the “Swedish” or the “Scandinavian Red” breed, this page is intended to be a meeting point for exchange information for SRB lovers from all over the world. An historical survey, easily accessible information about  SRB bulls, a possibility to search for the best red bulls from different countries and a connection of links, primarily to other Red breeds of Ayrshire origin all over the world.

This homepage is at present  administrated by Per E. Falk in Sweden with some help from Elisabeth Avendaño in Argentina . Per has the title of Swedish Lantmästare and has years of practical and theoretical experience of the SRB breed. He has worked as a Herdsman of the SRB-herd of the University of Uppsala and theoretically through in- depth investigation on the breed.  He also writes for several Swedish Dairy magazines.  

Elisabeth is a Swedish Physiotherapist who emigrated to Argentina and after working and raising horses for many years, currently dedicates most of her time to the SRB breed. Practically, on her family’s Dairy farm in the Province of Buenos Aires and in theory by trying to “Spread the Word” of the SRB breed in Spanish speaking countries in South America .

The Avendaño family is the representatives of VikingGenetics in Argentina and milks a 350 head SRB Holstein crossbred herd, now mostly red. Elisabeth also writes articles for various dairy magazines and corresponds with cow persons, geneticists and SRB lovers from all over the world.

Do you have any questions? Do you think this homepage lacks any information?

In that case contact either of us. You can write to Per ( who is the one who knows about pedigrees and the origins of the Breed) in Swedish or English. Questions to Elisabeth may be in Swedish, English or Spanish:  

Per E. Falk Elisabeth Avendaño
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